Cueva del Gato, Heavenly Beautiful

Published on 19 November 2018 at 07:09

Cueva del Gato, also known as Cat Cave, appeared on my way back from Ronda to Estepona. When you see this, you are in paradise. 

Cueva del Gato, Cat Cave

You can find Cueva del Gato at about 20 km below the medieval city Ronda. This paradise river runs through the depths of the Andalusian mountain range. It invites you to  take a splash in its crystal-clear blue-green water. You experience the ultimate and breathtaking refreshment during your road bike tour in the mountains.

After this dive you are reborn and you continue to ride with power in your legs that you have never felt before.


an absolute must for every racing cyclist,
cycling greetings from Birgit and Bart

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