Estepona embraces StreetArt

Published on 29 April 2019 at 08:50
Estepona embraces StreetArt with Dancing Seagulls

Dancing Seagulls on Sparkling Water Pearls in the Sun

Estepona spoils inhabitants and tourists with art in the city. From the seafront to the historic center and beyond in the mountains, art lovers admire the many bronze statues, benches decorated with colorful mosaic stones and modern murals.

During my walk on Avenida de Espana, the renowned beach promenade, which extends all the way along the sandy beaches of Estepona, I discover the fountain with the dancing seagulls. As I let the sun shine over my eyes, I look in at glittering water drops on which seagulls seem to dance. I hear them sing and sniff the salty salt. With the sea in the background, the artist manages to excite an intense feeling of freedom and happiness.

Estepona embraces StreetArt with Tribute to the Peseta

Tribute to the Peseta

Among the colorful flowers, fragrant shrubs and blowing palm trees, I walk further on Avenida Espana, where I notice the statue of a playing child who runs behind a large rolling wheel, the Peseta. The child laughs and seems playfully running towards his unknown future. While looking at the statue, you feel how the artist wants to warn us about the rushed life we are leading. The playing child is not aware and runs out of the sea, source of innocence, purity and natural power, straight into the arms of the hectic life in the city.

I continue to explore the city and discover one monument and bronze statue after the other, that reminds me of an event or Spanish glory. Walking along the beach under the soft rays of the sun and experiencing plenty of art makes me a free, happy and enriching person. What else do we, homo sapiens, want? Don't hesitate, just do it!


Warm ART Greetings,

Birgit Elisabeth Hay

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5 years ago

Sometimes all we need is just an other prospective , a possibility to look different at things, our surroundings or people, to find different values, appreciation or just to make life more interesting...
You make that happen Birgit Elizabeth Hay.
Thank you for giving us the possibility to look at these thing true your eyes... Very beautiful!