How so Brexit? We will always love you

Published on 2 May 2019 at 12:38
Estepona Beach

There is a lot of talking, crying, fighting, dreaming, worrying, shouting and laughing. BREXIT, also known as the British Exit, is the new worry child in Europe. As a resident of Belgium, I regularly stay on the warm Spanish Costa del Sol where I speak with Spaniards and British to listen to their story.


When I walk along the vast beaches of Estepona, I see all kinds of people around me. Elderly and young people, families, tourists and residents of Estepona, the most beautiful Spanish flower Riviera of the Costa del Sol. I talk to Spaniards and British about Brexit to understand what positions they take in and what they are concerned about. How do they look at the future?


What strikes me, after having my Brexit conversations, is that there are no significant differences between the so-called Brexit lovers versus Brexit haters, nor between different nationalities, in terms of our human values. We all carry the same message when we talk about climate and caring for our loved ones. We all want to protect our wise elderly and vulnerable young people. We abhor war and terror. We want to be happy and together we dream of safe cycle paths, green vast forests, free clean drinking water and a healthy work life balance. Finally, the same sun shines for everyone and, depending on where we live or spend our holiday, we enjoy the same white snowflakes every year.


We all want to be happy and we cannot buy our happiness with Brexits, Pounds nor Euros. We create the value of happiness ourselves and, completely free of charge, we share because we care. Without being naive, I am convinced that, with or without Brexit, everything that is based on our values ​​will continue to exist. The British will always love the Spanish Costa and her Andalusian culture. Vice versa, the Spaniards will always welcome the British with open arms.


"We will always love you!" With these words, I conclude that it’s okay. Brexit or no Brexit, it doesn't matter. We all continue to enjoy Sun, Sea, Spanish Tapas and the heartwarming Andalusian Culture.


Warm holiday greetings,

Birgit Elisabeth Hay

Elisabeth's Residence, dining on the beach in Estepona

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